This year's festivities featured the wonderful Danish smorrebrod sandwiches of our own master chef (Torben Christensen) and sous-chef (Cindy Kahmar) and they were fantastic!  Thank you for all your hard work, you are appreciated so much !!!!

Also a big thank you to Carmellis, and to Doug and Kelly, Chris and Marie for their invaluable help in set-up and clean-up!

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We were happy to have our old friend Bente Ferguson and her daughter Mary Ann, as well as Ulla, Bente, Michael and his sister with us.

GET  READY !!    Announces the elf.   "SANTA'S  COMING !!"

Here comes Santa, with his snow-glare blinking glasses on!

Kolten was happy to see Santa !

And so was Carter and his Mom, Skylar.

With Cindy, Bente, Ulla and Melanie

Hugs for Eleanor and Ulla

And special friend, Lisa

Rick, Eloise, Skylar, Torben and Eleanor

Bente, Lisa and Ulla

And by pronouncement of the Light Sabre, the party is over !   MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE !!